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Choosing The Right Tablet Manufacturer?

Set your goals high when comparing tablet manufacturers. How much value do you put in a manufacturing company’s who is reliable and can give you quick turn around times? Would you work with a manufacturer that is not reliable and continually leaves you with unanswered questions? Choose a company that fully understands your concerns and expectations and will help you grow your business not your concerns!

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Map your Path To Success With Choosing The Best Tablet Manufacturer!

If your business model is retail sales, direct to consumer or ecommerce, Brand Nutra can help you grow your business by working with you every step of the way to manufacture your existing products or help with new product development and help you manage and growing your business, moving forward more quickly toward launch and expansion

Brand Nutra manufactures tablets, capsules and powder supplements. Build your business brand by having a reliable manufacturing partner that delivers high-quality products and reliable quality services.

The competition is tough, but we at Brand Nutra will make it easier for you by helping you offer quality-driven products. . Backed by NSF certified GMP-facilities your supplements company has a real good chance at standing out in today’s competitive marketplace. Our experienced team knows what it takes to deliver high quality products on time and at competitive prices so you can launch to market faster than your competition.

Custom Dietary Tablet Manufacturing Development

Within the each tablet category there are customizations that can greatly enrich the product experience. Tablets can be coated in the color of your choosing. You can select special punch equipment to create interesting tablet shapes. Geometric shapes include squares, triangles, diamonds, while irregular shapes can be hearts, stars, moons, animals, etc. Imprinting options are available to communicate key information to the consumer, the brand, formula name, or dosing amount or any text that fits within the allowable space limits can be imprinted on the tablet's exterior.

Category Options
  • Bi-Layered

  • Time Released

  • Sub-Lingual

  • Chewable

  • ---

Coating Options:
  • Color Coated

  • Sugar Coated

  • Enteric Coated

  • Film Coated

  • Pharmaceutical Glaze

Shape Options
  • Round

  • Caplet

  • Oval

  • Geometric

  • Irregular

Imprinted Options
  • None

  • Printed

  • ---

  • ---

  • ---

Stock Formulations

Besides offering custom formulations, Brand Nutra has a strong offering of stock formulations in the basic vitamin and nutritional products to our valued customers in all different trade classes. Like most of the items we offer, whether custom or stock, these formulations can provided in either bulk or in bottles, blisters and pouches.

We don't just formulate products... We specialize in custom solutions.

Our globally-sourced ingredients, unique technologies and advanced delivery systems will add value and efficacy to your products.

stock & custom formulas

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Manufacturer of High Quality Tablets

We strive to offer our clients a complete collection of manufacturing options with a cascading emphasis on quality and efficacy. The manufacturing equipment used to manufacture your tablets is state-of-the-art and well maintained. The supplement manufacturing facility is NSF Certified cGMP so you can expect superior grade tablets. We enforce strict quality control procedures to ensure that no tablet exhibits capping or lamentation characteristics.

We'll provide consultation and explain our manufacturing service.