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Solid & Multi Dose Packets


Solid Unit Packets

Solid Dose Packets

Using flexible films that are folded and sealed on three or four sides, sachet packets are used for a variety of purposes, such as product samples and daily multi packets. Sometimes referred to as single-serve packets, this popular package type is an everyday player in the Brand Nutra’s lineup.

Most of the products that use pre-printed registered film are packaged in this manner. The variety of film and graphics printing options available enable these packets to make a big impact on the shelf.

Brand Nutra offers three- or four-side sealed unit dose packages, designed to hold capsules, tablets, soft gels and chewable tablets. These custom packets can include - but are not limited to – standard packets, tandem packets, coupon packets, hanger hole packets, gusset packets, and zipper packets.

Brand Nutra offers packets, which are flexible packages designed to contain single or multiple doses of a tablets, capsules, soft gels & chewable tablets.

Single serving packaging, sample packs and packaging for any sampling program are our specialty! Brand Nutra’s offers the most state of the art machinery and equipment to provide custom packaging for virtually any product that you would need to sample or provide single serve packaging solutions.

Multi Dose Packets

Multi-Dose Pouching is the core packaging method within the industry. It is the packaging choice for many Dietary Supplement products sold in a variety of daily packs. Utilizing an array of flexible film types, which can be pre-printed or stamped in-line, multi dose-packets can be made as single packet, or tandem packet and packaged in a variety of different options, from bottles to folding cartons.

Brand Nutra’s expert production team in multi dose packets have the experience and technology to package products in this style at low to very high volumes and in every possible format. We can even create custom tooling and machinery, in our on-site machine shop, to handle the toughest of jobs.

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