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Powder Bottle Filling


Powder Bottle Filling Lines

Brand Nutra offers filling of bottles in multiple sizes, colors and configurations offering our customers many options for both small and large production runs. Brand Nutra has premier contract bottling lines to handle all your bottling needs We handle HDPE, PET in many shapes, sizes and colors with an ever-changing variety of products including, powders, capsules, tablets & soft gels, dietary supplements, and more.

Once bottles are filled, we can induction seal the cap, use metal detection, stamp lot code and expiry dates, apply the label, shrink full body sleeves place a tamper evident neck bands, carton and case pack your product all on the same line. Brand Nutra is your full-service packaging provider for bottle filling.

Our powder filling/bottling service is great for bulk items such as Protein powders and other powdered dietary supplement would benefit from this cost effective packaging. We have the ability to filling up to a 5lbs PET & HPDE container. We can apply pressure sensitive labels as well as shrinking full body sleeves.

  • PET & HDPE Plastic Containers/Bottles
  • 32oz – 120oz Canisters (White & Colors)
  • 8oz – 128oz Jars & Bottles (White & Colors)
  • 1-2 Gallon Bottles (White & Colors)

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