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Powder Manufacturing

Powder Manufacturing

Manufacturing powder dietary supplements isn’t easy. That’s why finding the right powder supplement manufacturer is so important to your brand’s success. Creating a powder product starts with one question: Is your powder manufacturer going to flavor your supplement? If the answer is yes, then make sure that your powder dietary supplement starts off with a solid foundation. Flavored powder supplements are typically categorized into two groups. The first category is naturally flavored powder supplements. Natural flavors are commonly used when manufacturing green superfood powder supplements. The other category is artificially flavored and sweetened. This is very popular among sports nutrition manufacturing, especially pre-workout supplements. While these two categories are common, there are certainly many exceptions to the rule. Brand Nutra has several clients that utilize a natural profile for their pre-workout supplement manufacturing. We are also seeing natural flavors and sweeteners used with plant protein manufacturing.

While there are limitations as to what flavor and sweetener profile can be used when manufacturing your powder supplement, Brand Nutra is an excellent choice for your flavoring needs. We know from the start what possibilities exist which can save you time and money during the development process. We also understand how critical your consumer’s flavor experience is in successfully growing your powder supplement business.

Innovative and exciting flavor options

Lets face it, sometimes manufacturing flavored powder supplements can be a bit, well…Vanilla. If you are looking to spice things up, we can help with out of the box flavor profiles that are both fun and unique. Sometimes fruit punch is great, but what about a peach iced tea flavor? Then again, lemon lime still gets a lot of requests…or you can try a Mango Rita flavor. Whatever your marketing desires are, Brand Nutra can help your Powder Supplement stand out from the competition.

We Are The Industry Leaders

Our vast manufacturing capabilities and unrivaled speed-to-market are why we’re one of the leading powder manufacturers in the industry.

Sports Nutrition & Health and Wellness

Active Lifestyle supplements have replaced the old school “Body Building” market with a fresh approach towards functional dietary supplement solutions. With exciting new categories as well as newly emerging clientele, it is important to find a powder manufacturer that can not only manufacture your product but can package it as well. Did you know that Brand Nutra started as a packaging company almost 20 years ago? We specialize in a variety of in-house packaging solutions that surpass the competition. In fact, some of our largest customers are other manufacturers that need our expertise!

Powder Packaging Options

  • Stick packs
  • Powder packets
  • Gusset bags
  • Bottles
  • Kitting into boxes
  • Film printing & display box printing
  • Label printing


Brand Nutra’s Powder strengths by product type:

  • Greens Superfood Manufacturer
  • Hydration powder manufacturer
  • Pre-Workout Manufacturer
  • Plant Protein Manufacturer
  • BCAA supplement manufacturer
  • Protein Powder Manufacturer
  • Amino Acid Supplement Manufacturer

Process Overview



When starting your project, we cannot stress enough how important the specifications of the product are. Think of your specifications as the foundation. If there are any weaknesses, it will have an effect on the whole experience.



Once your specifications and product pricing has been approved, Brand Nutra will work on flavor samples. Think of the sampling process as a trial-and-error communication experience for both you and your manufacturing partner



Upon approval of your flavor sample, the manufacturing processes can begin. As your product is scaled up to a production batch, Brand Nutra will send another final sample for approval prior to packaging your supplement. This allows you to be the very first consumer of your batch. This also helps to ensure confidence that the product you dreamed of, is now close to being a reality for your clientele.

We'll provide consultation and explain our manufacturing service.