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Stick Packs


Stick Packs

Stick Packs are elongated, tube shaped packets sealed across and at both ends. Stick pack manufacturing is gaining popularity in the dietary supplement industry. Leading categories like hydration supplements and pre-workout supplements, coupled with sustainability, it only makes sense that these on-the-go stick packs provide both brand owners and consumers with the right packaging to fit lifestyle and product application.

Stick Packets are a convenient, easy to handle, and ideal “on-the-go” packaging solution. Below are some of the most common applications we see in the market.

  • Hydration Stick Packs
  • Pre-Workout Stick Packs
  • Flavor Stick Packs
  • Probiotic Stick Packs
  • Greens Superfood Stick Packs
  • EAA Stick Packs
  • BCAA Stick Packs

Stick Packets are produced using flexible film and a “form-fill-seal” method, which is suitable for a wide array of powders and granulated products. An internal stock designed tapered pour spout is available as part of our stock program. As part of our custom design, each stick packet will feature tear notch scoring for easy opening and consistent directional dispensing. Easy Tear material is also available!

Typically, stick packs and packets are used for single servings of powders or similar contents, but they are also convenient options for a variety of products and fill types. Stick packs are small and easy to handle, making them perfect for travel products, drink products, and sample or single serving products as well.

Stick Packs and Stick Packets are also friendlier to the environment as they typically utilize roughly half the paper or packaging content as that of regular portioned packets.

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