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Flexographic Printing of Labels & Film


Printing of Labels & Film

Probably the most underrated piece of the puzzle, printing, can make or break your product lead time. Knowing how labels and film will print is crucial to your product’s success. Many times, the printing is one of the last stages in the process. If done wrong, your brand can lose time and money. Regardless of which manufacturer or printer you choose to go with, make sure you are aligned with your manufacturer and your printer collaboratively. This is an area where a tremendous amount of time is lost due to a lack of communication. Brand Nutra offers printing services of labels, film and more! We work with printing facilities that are specifically selected to ensure your product quality and timeline are not sacrificed due to negligence or poor communication.

Stand Up Bags & Pouches

Becoming more popular, flexible pouches and bags are continually proving that they are not a trend but are here to stay. There is a variety of options to choose from when choosing your bag material. Brand Nutra is your solution for pouches filled with powder and capsules!

Packet - Sachets Printing

With an endless variety of applications, single dose pill packs provide solutions for on the go, custom pill pack options that add value to your brand and convenience to your customer. Brand Nutra has been a leader in the single serving pill packet market for almost 20 years, and we have great options to choose from!

Stick Pack Printing

Stick packs are one of the hottest options for single serve packet packaging. They are quick, convenient, and allow flexibility for both brands and consumers to choose when and where they take their supplements. Stick packs also allow brand owners to have the flexibility of using this dose form for samples, trial sizes, and monthly supplies all utilizing the same inventory. If you plan on creating a powdered supplement around 10g or less, we see stick packs as a must have in your packaging portfolio.

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