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capsule machine

Capsule Manufacturing

We can help you create a custom formula, encapsulate your formula in a capsule, bottle your product, blister your product and even package your product into single dose packets. There are numerous options for size, type, texture, and shape in capsule production. In addition, we offer a wide array of capsule shells accommodating both supplier and consumer needs.

tablet machine

Tablet Manufacturing

Set your goals high when comparing tablet manufacturers. How much value do you put in a manufacturing company’s who is reliable and can give you quick turn around times? Would you work with a manufacturer that is not reliable and continually leaves you with unanswered questions? Choose a company that fully understands your concerns and expectations and will help you grow your business not your concerns!


Powder Manufacturing

When it comes to your success as a sports supplements or dietary nutrition brand, it’s your manufacturing that matters most. Choosing the right manufacturer is perhaps the most critical decision you will ever make as a brand. Consider the supplements industry and think about the ever-evolving changes that consistently take place. You must be on top of your game and your manufacturer must be ahead of these changes, ready to quickly adapt, so that your brand doesn’t get left behind.

Brand Nutra, is a globally recognized contract manufacturer driven by producing the industry’s most successful dietary nutrition and sports supplements products. We have everything you need to stay ahead of your competition. We know the landscape like no other and we quickly adapt to changes, so that you can stay focused on your core marketing strategies. Our seasoned team of professionals remain focused on your products through the entire manufacturing process, so that the end-product is precisely what your products need to succeed in this highly competitive marketplace.


Product Development

At Brand Nutra, our vast experience and superior knowledge in all areas of product development, allows us to deliver just about any dietary nutrition or sports supplement within your brand product stable.

We are the authorities in custom-formulated powders and understand even the most intricate needs and demands required for attracting new customers and to keep existing customers coming back for more.

In-House Research and Development

Our in-house R&D staff can help develop unique great tasting formulas that utilize the latest advances in nutrition and biochemistry to ensure your products are effective, have optimal doses and represent the best possible combination between great taste and product potency.

Brand Nutra conducts on-going research and product development generating products and product line extensions for fast track market introductions. Great Tasting products and product flavoring is the key to achieve brand superiority. Our great tasting drinks and shakes address a wide array of market opportunities.


Flavor System Development

Effective successful products will sell well. A great tasting, effective product will sell extremely well.

Product flavoring is the most important part of your product development. Many of the common ingredients in nutritional supplement industry are bitter and their presence is difficult to mask, making good-tasting supplements is a challenge in every new product we develop. Because we have all of this capability in-house, we are able to use our team of flavor experts to reduce turn-around time and help us develop some off the best tasting powdered supplements in the industry.

We use the basic building blocks of flavor development to create each flavor-system profile in a way that enhances your finished products.


Custom Packaging

At Brand Nutra, our vast experience and superior knowledge in all areas of product development, allows us to deliver just about any dietary nutrition or sports supplement within your brand product stable.

Seamless strategic alliance with both Vendors and our customers allow us to accommodate almost any packaging request.

Manned by our highly trained team and strict cGMP compliance ensures your products are consistently produced to meet your specifications.

Types of Packaging

  • PET Plastic Containers
  • HDPE Plastic Containers
  • Single Unit Packets
  • Single Unit Stick Packets
  • Re-Sealable Standup Pouches/Bags
  • Single Serving Plastic Bottles

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