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Quality & Regulatory

At Brand Nutra, we are committed to providing the highest quality supplements and the difference shows.


Quality Control

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) are the guidelines that provide the procedures, processes and documentation to insure the product manufacturing process consistently meets the expected specifications:

  • Identity
  • Potency
  • Composition
  • Product Purity

Brand Nutra ensures quality begins with the incoming receipt of raw materials and packaging components, through WIP (work in process) to the shipment of all finished products.

Additional QC Measures

  • We qualify all prospective raw material suppliers.
  • All incoming raw materials are quarantined upon receipt until identified, confirming their identity.
  • Material Specifications are established for each raw material and packaging component.
  • Continuous QC checks are performed to verify ingredient identity, weight and addition.
  • Comparisons are made to the controlled samples to confirm flavor profile, sweeteners, mouthfeel, aroma, texture and appearance.
  • QC sign-off on all packaging line equipment and components prior to start-up
  • Pre-shipment QC checks ensure the product is ready for final inspection for all finished goods prior to shipment.

Quality Assurance

Our in-house team will work diligently to develop and manufacture your powder supplement utilizing the highest industry standards.

While great ingredients make for a great product, it’s important to bring the same dedication to the entire manufacturing process. We adhere to strict quality control standards, in order to ensure that we achieve Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). This means that ensuring the gold standard is met through every step of the process.

Our devotion to quality, regulatory and compliance, sets us apart from other contract manufacturers. Our supplement manufacturing facility is cGMP and has passed audits by the FDA. We're also affiliated with industry organizations that have considerably elevated the standards of dietary supplement manufacturers.

From purchasing and testing ingredients to blending to packaging, we aim to be meticulous, detail-oriented and thorough in everything we do. This way, you can be completely confident that what’s written on the label is exactly what you’ll find inside the container.

At Brand Nutra, we are committed to providing premium quality supplements at competitive prices. For what we offer, we are the best in the business.


Continuous Improvement

Your first time working with us, will lead to the long-term. This best describes our business ethos. To add value to our client’s business, Brand Nutra is committed to continuous improvement in all aspects of the business, treating as a priority the quality of our processes and systems.

Our Commitment to you defines our processes. Every project with Brand Nutra gives you a full dose of our experience, product innovation, quality and service. We don’t just create quality products – we take our time to understand your opportunities and challenges, and provide the precise solutions that you need to succeed in this highly competitive marketplace.

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