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Product Development

One challenge we find with product development is the balance of creating high-quality custom vitamin & mineral products while still keeping them competitively priced. Consumers of dietary supplements are continuing to become more educated, but there is a long way to go. One way Brand Nutra can help your brand build trust with your customers is by recommending trademark materials. When applicable, using branded ingredients will help your company build trust with, and educate, your consumers. Branded materials bring along data, studies, and most importantly Science backed claims that not only validate your product but help protect your brand by having substantiated data available when necessary.

Choosing Capsule Tablet or Powder?

Several factors will help identify if your supplement should be a capsule supplement or a powder supplement. The first identifier is serving size. Research has shown that there is a limit to how many pills the average supplement consumer is willing to take. If your formula ends up being a 12 capsule serving size, it may be a good idea to explore other options. The second factor, which can arguably be just as important as the first, is flavoring. When creating a flavored powder supplement, taste will be a deciding factor of the products.

Custom Formulation Development

Creating custom formulations takes experience. Maximizing your formulas efficacy, while staying within a reasonable price range is something Brand Nutra will help your brand achieve. We work with expert formulators with over 30 years of experience. Not only will your formulation be unique, but it will have science-based dosages using the highest quality ingredients. Reputation is everything. Start your brand the right way with formulas you can be proud of, and that your customers can trust.

Flavor Systems

Flavoring your Supplements is an art form. Flavoring means everything to the consumer. It does not matter how effective your product will be; if it does not wow your customer with taste, it will not reach its full potential. Knowing this, Brand Nutra plans on wowing you first, then your customer. We have a proven process of setting the expectation upfront about what can be achieved. Our years of experience will save time, focus on the end goal, and result in a product that will exceed the expectation of what a product can taste like. Below are a few flavor systems to consider when manufacturing your powdered supplement.

  • Natural flavor
  • Natural Sweeteners
  • Artificial flavors
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Sugar alternatives
  • Non GMO
  • Sugar Alcohols
  • Aspartame
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Natural sugars
  • And more!

In-House Research & Development

Having the correct process and procedure means everything when you are creating custom supplements. Choosing the right contract manufacturer of dietary supplements has many variables to be considered. One of which is the R & D process. Flavoring Supplements is just one example of R & D. Most of the R & D that is done on Supplements is not even seen by the brand. Understanding blending, material density, and moisture exposure are just a few variables to consider when navigating the building blocks of creating a quality supplement. Understanding these processes upfront will save a lot of time and money for our customers. Brand Nutra is committed to ensuring every product goes through the correct process and procedure to ensure that the finished product meets not only specifications, but expectations as well.

Product Testing

Quality is a big deal. Brand Nutra holds not just an NSF certificate, but an NSF certificate for Sport as well. This means that our facility is free of ingredients that can contaminate products for athletes at that highest level. Our commitment to quality doesn’t end there. We perform all of the necessary testing required on materials coming in, finished product going out, as well as testing during the manufacturing process. Make sure to specify any of the testing below as it applies to your product. Certain tests are mandatory, while others, like specific allergen testing, are optional. Below are some examples of tests that are performed both in-house, as well as by a third party.

  • Identity testing
  • Potency testing
  • Microbial testing
  • Heavy metal testing
  • Allergen testing
  • Non-GMO testing
  • NLEA testing
  • And more!

Experience You Can Depend On

Your success as a brand owner relies on a great manufacturing partner. Our experience helping brands get to market is what makes us such a valuable partner for our clients. After your first phone call with our team, it should be very evident that we have done this before, and that our goals are aligned with yours. Call us today to discuss how Brand Nutra can help set your brand up for success from the very beginning. We will help you with the road map to success from start to finish.

Transparent Turn-Key Solutions

Being a turn-key solution provider does not mean that we do everything. However, we are happy to assist with all aspects of your product creation and we are happy to recommend specific vendors for specific applications. Being a great manufacturing partner is about trust, quality, and transparency. If there is a better solution out there for your brand, we will be happy to make the necessary recommendations to set you up for success.

We'll provide consultation and explain our manufacturing service.