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Product Development

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Product Development

At Brand Nutra our vast experience and superior knowledge in all areas of product development, allows us to deliver just about any dietary nutrition or sports supplement within your brand product stable.

We are the authority in custom-formulated powders and understand even the most intricate needs and demands required for attracting new customers and to keep existing customers coming back for more.

Flavor System Development

A product’s flavor profile contributes to the sensory experience of consuming that product, and this is especially true with any powdered nutritional supplement. Product flavoring is the most important part of your product development. Many of the common ingredients in nutritional supplement industry are bitter and their presence is difficult to mask, making good-tasting supplements is a challenge in every new product we develop. Because we have all of this capability in-house, we are able to use our team of flavor experts to reduce turn-around time and help us develop some off the best tasting powdered supplements in the industry.

Custom Formulation Development

Brand Nutra can re-flavor, reformulate and customize existing products, match competitive ones or just create new unique formulations to meet your product goals and specifications. We continue to fortify and enhance products with leading edge nutritional ingredients.

Our Commitment to you defines our processes. Every deal with Brand Nutra gives you a full dose of our experience, expertise, product innovation, and firm quality and service. We don’t just create quality products – we take our time to understand your opportunities and challenges, and provide the precise solutions that you need to succeed in this highly competitive marketplace.


Flavors are the sensory impression of food or other substance, and is determined primarily by the chemical senses of taste and smell. Increasingly, flavor is becoming a key differentiator for nutritional products as protein and sports drink sales continue to increase in the mass market place.

In-House Research and Development

Our in-house R&D staff can help develop unique great tasting formulas that utilize the latest advances in nutrition and biochemistry to ensure your products are effective, have optimal doses and represent the best possible combination between great taste and product potency.

Brand Nutra conducts on-going research and product development generating products and product line extensions for fast track market introductions. Great tasting products and product flavoring is the key to achieve brand superiority. Our great tasting drinks and shakes address a wide array of market opportunities.

Product Testing

Properly testing each product is a complex process that requires the expertise and attention to detail. From purchasing and testing ingredients to blending to packaging, we aim to be meticulous, detail-oriented and thorough in everything we do. This way, you can be completely confident that what’s written on the label is exactly what you’ll find inside the container. Our highly trained technicians effortlessly incorporate identity, microbial, stability and final product testing into the R&D process which allows for premium quality supplements at competitive prices. For what we offer, we are the best in the business.

Building Your Supplements Empire

Whether you’re looking to develop one product or are looking to take things to a grand scale and develop the industry’s next big brand, we’ve helped people achieve success no matter how big or how small their business plan was.

We Are Your Turn-Key Solution

From just a great idea all the way to a fully developed and market-ready product, we provide the total solution for our customers. Our in-house capabilities are much more than just formulating a winning product; we have vast experience with every facet of what’s involved with building a successful brand business and can help you develop your product to rival any existing product or brand. From formula and taste to packaging design, all the way to fulfillment, we provide all of the differentiating factors that are necessary for getting you ready and forging ahead of your competition.

Here are the industry’s that we successfully serve. Explore the list to see how we can help you develop your own award-winning brand of dietary nutrition and sports supplements.

See which fits the scope of your business, both the short-term vision and big picture version.

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