Brand Nutra
Brand Nutra

Our Facility

We are fully committed to complying with regulations for current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).

Facility Overview

Efficient and comprehensive are the best words to describe our cGMP facility. Our 65,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space are uniquely designed to manufacture, package, and store raw materials and finished goods.

It all begins and ends in our lab. We have the latest equipment to test inbound raw material for efficacy, pureness, and potency. We also employ the latest test equipment to ensure your product is free from contaminants and matches all label claims when it leaves our facility. Our lab also has the capability to mix small sample blends for testing.

The next stop is our pharmacy. We have separate pharmacy suites for conventional as well as organic materials. These separate units ensure that you organic products are not comingled with non-organic materials. We use the most sensitive, calibrated (continuously) scales to guarantee that exactly the right amount/ ratios of raw materials are blended into your product.

The next stop is our blending operation. We employ V-blenders, tote blenders, or ribbon blenders. The choice is yours. Once again, we have segregated blenders for organic and non-organic blends. After blending your product is stored in stainless steel vessels to ensure efficacy and pureness until the product is tested for micros and is staged for packaging.

Our packaging area employs 30 different packaging lines. We can package your powders in packets/sachets, gusseted zip lock bags, or bottles. We label and shrink sleeve as well.

After packaging, your product is stored in our facility. Once again, we have separate areas for organic and non-organic materials on the inbound and outbound.

All blending is performed in accordance with GMP regulations. We are GMP certified, NSF certified, and Organic certified.

All batch records and formulations are stored in our secure database which is backed up on a daily basis. Records are maintained on-site as well as off-site to guarantee security in the event of a disaster.

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