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About Us

Our core values are centered around manufacturing quality, reliable service, and maintaining long-term relationships.


Brand Nutra, LLC is a globally recognized contract manufacturer driven by producing the industry’s most successful dietary nutrition and sports supplements products. We are motivated by a cause greater than ourselves. We believe that nutrition is vital, essential and fundamental – As it can positively effect everyone that cares enough to nurture their own health.

Brand Nutra distinguishes itself by manufacturing premium dietary nutrition products for our global clientele.

Brand Nutra is built on a long-standing commitment to quality – which extends far beyond making dietary nutrition and sports supplements products. We are a multi-faceted and seasoned business team, with vast experience to help you achieve your own brand’s success.

Our core values are centered on the highest standard in manufacturing quality, reliable customer service, and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers.

Our Mission

Brand Nutra is leading the charge in the community to be more sustainable, by supporting local businesses and its citizens.

We strive towards selecting only premium ingredients, and buying raw materials from responsible sources. We are passionate about making our dietary supplements, our community, and the lives of those that consume our products better.

We continuously work on coming up with innovative ways to package our clients' supplements and fulfill product orders and warehousing in ways that help sustain our planet.

Following responsible purchasing practices for raw materials is a top priority For Brand Nutra. Given the wide assortment of products that we manufacture, every supplement has a purpose and every purpose has a special need. That’s why we match the end-use of the product with the appropriate materials before manufacturing it.

Many of our dietary supplements are made with ingredients that are sourced from responsible farms. Our containers are made from recycled plastics and cartons are made from paper using SFI certified paper mills. We believe even the smallest difference in these sourced choices can positively benefit the environment.

When we receive an opportunity where a new client entrusts us with their formula, we take this very seriously and make sure that your experience meets and exceeds your business goals.

Our greatest priority, is manufacturing highest quality products and getting your project completed on time.

What Makes us Different

Brand Nutra brings to the table a proven process for manufacturing powdered nutritional supplements. We offer innovative solutions that address the many challenges that vitamin brands may encounter when creating their nutritional supplement.

  • We care about our customers' success.
  • We have a long standing history in this industry, with deep roots in vitamin packaging.
  • We offer competitive pricing.


Our devotion to quality and compliance sets us apart from other contract manufacturers. Our supplement manufacturing facility is cGMP and has passed audits by the FDA. We're also affiliated with industry organizations that elevate the standards of dietary supplement manufacturers..

We'll provide consultation and explain our manufacturing service.